Quantum Leap


Making dreams a reality

Grateful, kind and caring, Laura dedicates her life to a higher and better purpose. Fairness and sense of justice are her mark, and she is passionate about helping all living creatures. As a great listener, and with her keen observation and execution skills, Laura enables people to transform their ideas into reality. Issues of corporate social responsibility, human rights, gender and animal wellbeing are close to her heart.

Laura is a project management expert with ample experience in developing proposals, planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluating, and channeling resources. She has also enabled many local and international organizations to connect and cooperate, and so accomplish transformational experiences in a variety of contexts. Her experience includes planning of events, as well as managing small and large-size projects locally and internationally in a variety of fields.

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA) and a master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, with a specialization in the administration of international cooperation programs and projects, also from UNA.