Quantum Leap


Passionate about climate action

Irene, our great motivator, touches minds and souls. She is passionate about achieving the transformation of development models low emissions ones; and is an innovator in adaptation practice and policy related to loss and damage.

With the power of her words, as well as with her negotiation and interpersonal skills, she captivates even the toughest of audiences: Irene can make a wall of concrete listen and blossom. Our open-minded, critical thinker is also great at encouraging others to get things done while making everyone feel included.

Irene works as a climate policy adviser. As a practitioner she has developed international climate projects, including NAMAs and financial mechanisms such as external debt swaps. More recently she is involved in developing climate legislation and national adaptation plans and monitoring systems. From 2007 until 2011, she was a UNFCCC negotiator for her government: Costa Rica.

Irene has a licentiate’s Degree in Local and Regional Development from Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) and a Master of Arts in Development Studies, with a specialization in development policies and climate change, from the Institute of Social Studies  in The Hague, (Netherlands).