Quantum Leap


Determined to change mindsets

Gustavo is like an antenna that likes to capture information from all directions. One day he was asked to write an article about the Costa Rican forest: he loved the topic so much that he soon found himself participating in an international conference on climate change.

He is passionate about his work and cannot keep still. His curious spirit has led him to work in radio, cinema, television, the Web, and public relations. One thing is very clear to him: a documentary, fan page or a broadcast are only platforms to spread messages that humanity should not forget, especially when they deal with human rights and sustainable development.

As an audiovisual producer and a specialist in strategic communication, he covered the participation of the Costa Rican delegation at COP21 of the UNFCCC in Paris. Before this, he was communication advisor to Fundecor (Costa Rica), and a producer for international senders, such as BBC and France Télévisions.

He has a bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), with a specialization in public relations and audiovisual production.