Quantum Leap


Passionate and multifaceted generalist

Climber, innovator and engineer, Christian trusts nature´s innate intelligence. In his youth, Christian loved to figure out how things work and how to fix them. Today, he continues with that same passion but applying it to much more diverse and complex projects. His varied interests and engineering mind help him to organize and optimize projects simply and efficiently.

His varied interests and engineering mind help him order and optimize tasks in simple and efficient ways. Christian also looks for the interconnections between systems and nature. He has dedicated part of his time to the study of permaculture and how it can be integrated into other environments. He is passionate about living simply and regenerating the planet regardless of whether it is in a mountain, a farm or an urban apartment.

Christian currently lives in Amsterdam. He is a partner in SPHERA Sustainability Consulting and LOOP Design Studio, companies that integrate sustainability into the design, construction and operation of buildings. He has extensive experience optimizing projects in different areas, from energy analysis and system-proofing for resilience, to the incorporation of the Water-Energy-Food nexus analysis. In addition, he is a partner of Finca La Foresta, a space for learning and testing regenerative techniques and “base camp” for mountain adventures, located in Providencia, Costa Rica.

Christian studied Electromechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Latina (Costa Rica). He also has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Rancho Mastatal (Costa Rica) and is currently completing a master’s degree in Sustainable Water and Energy Management at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and a certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship from the University for International Cooperation.