Quantum Leap

Alberto Carrillo

Alberto’s love for the outdoors surged his passion for the environment and its protection. His positive attitude and strategic management thinking influence others to collaborate and take action towards sustainability. 

Based on his experience in multi-jurisdictional projects and advising several high-paced clients in their daily compliance, he manages requirements, workflows and budgets while delivering program strategy to make sure all the phases of a project are achieved smoothly.

 Being part of a variety of legal cross-border transactions from different kinds of industries has permitted Alberto to professionalize his organizational and multitasking skills. Together with his research abilities and experience in law, he brings a solid and easy to understand reasoning, to any analysis or task. 

Alberto has a law degree from the Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho and a Postgraduate Degree in Public and Corporate Notary Law, both in Costa Rica. He recently completed a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, in which he successfully presented a thesis about food waste and business development.